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Ep. 112: “Science Careers” Featuring Dr. William Dunworth

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Dr. William Dunworth is an Account Manager at STEMCELL Technologies and will be talking about his transition from bench to industry, and what advice he has to offer in terms of careers in stem cell science beyond the bench.

Featured Resource: Celebration of Science

Resources and Links

Study on Gun-Policy Effects Finds Important Gaps in Existing Research – One of the largest-ever studies of U.S. gun policy finds there is a shortage of evidence about the effects of most gun laws, although researchers from the RAND Corporation found there is some persuasive evidence about the effects of several common gun policies.

Penguin Supercolony Identified – Despite the concerted international effort to track and interpret shifts in the abundance and distribution of Adélie penguins, large populations continue to be identified.

Language Not Affected after Strokes in Newborns – Researchers from the Georgetown University Medical Center found that people who’d had a stroke as a newborn that damaged the left side of their brain — the side that normally controls language — used the other side of their brain for language.

Fake Organ that Mimics the Human Eye – Real human cells from a cornea and conjunctiva were used to build a blinking model of the surface of an artificial eye.

A Cheaper Way to Culture Human Pluripotent Stem Cells – Scientists at Japan’s Kyoto University, with colleagues in India and Iran, have developed a more cost-effective culture by using a new combination of chemical compounds.

Genes for Age-Linked Brain Deterioration Identified – An improved understanding of the underlying mechanisms that drive age-associated neurogenic deficiency could lead to the development of strategies to alleviate cognitive impairment and facilitate neuroregeneration.

Dual Mechanism for Embryonic Stem Cells to Maintain Pluripotency – NCCS researchers have found two mechanisms that turn off the expression of endocytosis-associated genes, thus helping the stem cells to maintain their pluripotency.

Stem Cell Treatment to Reverse Early Menopause – Pioneering treatment that reverses the symptoms of early menopause has raised hopes that women affected could go on to have children naturally.

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Dr. William Dunworth

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