Dr. Paul Frenette is the Chair and Director of the Ruth L. and David S. Gottesman Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Frenette’s research focuses on the molecular and cellular constitutents of the stem cell niche, mechanisms of sickle cell vaso-occlusion, the role of the nervous system in cancer, and understanding how hematopoietic stem cells and mature blood cells traffic in vivo.

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An Improved Approach for Generating Kidney Organoids – Researchers have developed a new in vitro method for generating vascularized, mature kidney organoids by exposing them to fluidic shear stress.

Functional Insulin-Producing Cells Grown in Lab – For the first time, mature insulin-producing cells have been developed from stem cells.

Reprogramming Pancreatic Cells to Treat Diabetes – Scientists have reprogrammed pancreatic α-cells into insulin-producing pancreatic β-cells that were able to reverse diabetes in mice.

A Bioengineered Factory for T Cells – Researchers have developed an injectable bone marrow-like scaffold that enhances T cell development following a bone marrow transplant.

Sleep Protects against Heart Disease – By subjecting mice to chronic sleep fragmentation, researchers have discovered a neuro-immune axis that links sleep to hematopoiesis and atherosclerosis.


Photo Reference: Courtesy of Dr. Paul Frenette