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Ep. 147: “Targeted Repair in Blood Stem and Progenitor Cells” Featuring Dr. Jennifer Adair

By July 23, 2019March 29th, 2023No Comments


Dr. Jennifer Adair is an Assistant Member in the Clinical Research Division at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Her lab uses a combination of cell biology, molecular biology, chemistry, engineering, nanomedicine and bioinformatics to develop new gene therapy treatments for many different diseases, including cancer. Her goal is to develop safe, cost-effective and clinically relevant applications for gene therapy that can be implemented worldwide.

Featured Products and Resources:

Resources and Links

Possible Drug Target for Heart Condition Identified – Researchers have found that a genetic mutation linked to dilated cardiomyopathy activates a signaling pathway that is normally turned off in healthy adult hearts.

Fibrosis Target Identified – Investigators have identified a protease that is activated by TGFβ that contributes to fibrosis development.

Improved Kidney Organoids – Scientists have developed a protocol for generating vascularized and functional human PSC-derived 3D kidney organoids, and used them to model disease.

New Tool for Immune Monitoring using Mass Cytometry – A mass cytometry workflow has been developed for identifying major immune cell lineages to improve biomarker discovery in immunotherapy trials.

Delayed Neurodevelopment in Zika-Exposed Children – In this prospective cohort study, the authors found that one third of children up to age three who were exposed to Zika in-utero had below-average neurological development.

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Dr. Jennifer Adair

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