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Ep. 148: “Stem Cell Ethics” Featuring Dr. Ubaka Ogbogu

By August 6, 2019March 29th, 2023No Comments


Dr. Ubaka Ogbogu is an Associate Professor at the University of Alberta cross-appointed to the Faculties of Law and Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences. He is interested in the ethical, legal and societal implications of novel and emerging biomedical research and health care technologies.

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Resources and Links

Major ‘Don’t Eat Me’ Signal Found in Cancer Cells – Researchers have identified a protein whose signaling enables cancer cells to evade detection by the immune system, making it a promising target for cancer immunotherapy.

Smooth Muscle Cells Change Identity to Protect against Atherosclerosis – Investigators have found that smooth muscle cells modulate their phenotype during atherosclerosis to protect the arterial walls.

Tracking Stem Cells in Skin – Scientists tracked stem cell division in the sebacious gland to understand the development and maintenance of the skin, and the effects of mutations on stem cell behavior.

Reversing Sickle Cell Disease with CRISPR– CRISPR was used to edit HSCs in nonhuman primates to reverse the clinical symptoms of certain blood disorders.

Modeling Monogenic Diabetes – The authors modeled monogenic diabetes using human ESCs to identify the role of the transcription factor that is mutated in the most common form of the disease.

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Dr. Ubaka Ogbogu

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