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Ep. 158: “Science Communication in Industry” Featuring Dr. Nicole Quinn

By December 24, 2019March 29th, 2023No Comments


Dr. Nicole Quinn is the Associate Director of Scientific Communications at STEMCELL Technologies, and one of the people hard at work behind the scenes of the Stem Cell Podcast. After completing her PhD in genomics and discovering her love of communicating science, Nicole left the bench to pursue a science communications career in the biotech industry. She now oversees the comprehensive, globally-accessible science communication program at STEMCELL Technologies, including more than 20 weekly field-specific newsletters, a podcast, several community-focused websites, and almost 40 different social media channels.

Featured Products and Resources:

The Stem Cell Science Round Up

Zika Vaccine Protects Fetus in Pregnant Monkeys – An experimental vaccine against the Zika virus reduced the amount of virus in pregnant rhesus macaques, and improved fetal outcomes.

Treating Cystic Fibrosis with Gene Editing – Researchers used gene editing to correct a mutation in airway stem cells from cystic fibrosis patients, and were able to differentiate the cells in a pig model.

Human Lung Blueprint – Scientists have created a cellular blueprint of the human lung, revealing several universal cell communication networks that drive specific functions.

Circadian Rhythm Harnessed to Make Mature Islets – Investigators have found that circadian rhythms trigger epigenetic changes that enable the maturation of pancreatic islets from human stem cells.

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Dr. Nicole Quinn

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