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Ep. 193: “From Academia to Venture Capital” Featuring Dr. Themasap Khan

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Dr. Themasap Khan is the Vice President at Civilization Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in genomics, diagnostics, digital health, AI, and personalized and regenerative medicine.  He leads the firm’s scientific due diligence and academic outreach programs. Dr. Khan earned his in PhD in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine in Dr. Sergiu Pasca’s lab at Stanford, where his research focused on genome engineering, cerebellar organoid models, and live imaging to elucidate biological mechanisms underlying neuropsychiatric disorders.

Featured Products and Resources:

The Stem Cell Science Round Up

Gene Therapy for Adenosine Deaminase (ADA) Deficiency – Scientists treated patients with ADA severe combined immunodeficiency with a lentiviral vector encoding human ADA, which led to high overall and event-free survival.

Lineage Tracing through Somatic Mutations – Researchers used somatic mutations in hematopoietic progenitors from human fetuses to study the divergence of embryonic and extra-embryonic tissues during development.

A Small Molecule Cocktail to Enhance Cell Survival – Scientists used high-throughput screening to identify a cocktail that improves the viability of hPSCs and differentiated cells by blocking several stress mechanisms.

2-Photon Live Imaging of Single Corneal Stem Cells  – Researchers identified discrete, functionally diverse stem cell niche compartments in the corneal limbus in the eyes of live mice.

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Dr. Themasap Khan

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