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Ep. 218: “Commercializing Stem Cell-Based Technologies” Featuring Dr. Amritha Jaishankar

By May 17, 2022March 29th, 2023No Comments


Dr. Amritha Jaishankar is the Executive Director of the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund (MSCRF). She is a scientist by training who has devoted her career to developing cures for debilitating and life-threatening conditions, and to advancing this field, through various roles in federal, university, and industry settings. She talks about the history of the MSCRF, its programs to promote the commercialization of stem cell-based technologies, and its role in the Maryland stem cell research ecosystem.

Featured Products and Resources:

The Stem Cell Science Round Up

Marijuana and Cardiovascular Disease – Researchers identified a compound that can protect the cardiovascular system from tetrahydrocannabinol-induced atherosclerosis.

Long-Range Responses in Tissue Regeneration – Scientists studied how brain transcriptomes respond to cardiac damage in zebrafish.

A Multi-Organ Chip – Human heart, liver, skin, and bone tissue niches were linked by vascular flow in a tissue-chip system.

Protecting Hematopoietic Stem Cells from Inflammation – Adiponectin receptors promote HSC quiescence and self-renewal throughout adulthood.

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Dr. Amritha Jaishankar

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