Dr. Marian Hettiaratchi is an Assistant Professor at the Knight Campus at the University of Oregon. Her research focuses on affinity-based biomaterials to promote tissue and bone repair. She talks about the delivery vehicles for these biomaterials, and her recent work on heparin-mediated delivery of BMP-2 to promote bone regeneration.

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The Stem Cell Science Round Up

DNA Replication Errors in Preimplantation Embryos – DNA replication stress in human preimplantation embryos predisposes gene-poor regions to fragility and to the formation of aneuploidies, impairing developmental potential.

Stem Cell Movement in the Intestine – The number of effective stem cells in small intestinal crypts is determined by Wnt-dependent retrograde cellular movement.

Inflammation Affects HSC Self-Renewal – Inflammation and infection irreversibly depletes functional HSCs.

Colon Cancer Stem Cell Dormancy – Researchers used a lineage-tracing system to identify LGR5+ cancer stem cells that drive cancer growth after chemotherapy.

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Dr. Marian Hettiaratchi