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Ep. 236: “ISSCR 2023: The Future Starts Here” Featuring Keith Alm, Dr. Haifan Lin, and Dr. David Scadden

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Keith Alm is the CEO, Dr. Haifan Lin is the President, and Dr. David Scadden is 2023 Annual Meeting Program Chair of the ISSCR. They talk about the upcoming annual meeting being held this year in Boston, a biotech hub with a vibrant stem cell research community. They discuss the highlights of this year’s program including speakers, award winners, and more. They also discuss making this year’s meeting more accessible to trainees and researchers around the world.

Featured Products and Resources:

The Stem Cell Science Round Up

Integrating Organoids into the Rat Visual Cortex – Researchers integrated human brain organoids into the injured visual cortices of adult rats.

Mitochondria Metabolism and Neuronal Development – Metabolic rates in mitochondria help set the speed of neuronal development.

Neural Progenitor Cell Villages – Researchers analyzed neural progenitor cells to identify genes associated with viral susceptibility.

Activating Protein Clearance in ALS – PIKFYVE inhibition clears aggregation-prone proteins via exocytosis in ALS animal models and patient-derived motor neurons.

A Therapeutic Target for ALSSYF2 suppression alleviates disease in a diverse collection of iPSC models of ALS.

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Keith Alm, Dr. Haifan Lin, and Dr. David Scadden

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