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Ep. 49: SCP Sweden Part 2 – Live Interviews from the ISSCR Conference in Sweden 2015

By July 21, 2015March 31st, 2023One Comment


In this episode we give you the second part of our broadcast live from the ISSCR 2015 International Conference from Stockholm, Sweden. On the show, we randomly pull attendees aside and ask them to us their stem cell story, and detail some of their research topics and accomplishments. Some of those interviewed on the show include Dr. Sean Morrison, the President of ISSCR, and Dr. Paul Tesar of Case Western Reserve University.

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One Comment

  • Renee Matthews says:

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the show! In this podcast you had an interview at the 24 min mark talking about a technique…… Friskus, Fiskes, Priskus??? Could you post a link to a protocol or paper? I am a first year grad student and am working with RNA. The technique you mentioned sounds like something I what to aquire, but could only find papers from 2004 such as: S Fisker, B Hansen, J Fuglsang, K Kristensen, P Ovesen, H Orskov, et al., Eur J Endocrinol. 2004, 150(6),773-777.

    Was this similar to what you were talking about?