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Ep. 89: “MSCs in Vivo” Featuring Dr. Fabio Rossi

By April 11, 2017March 31st, 2023No Comments


Dr. Fabio Rossi is a Professor at the Department of Medical Genetics and Director of Biomedical Research Centre at the University of British Columbia. He joins us to discuss the role of mesenchymal stem cells in regeneration and fibrosis in vivo.

Featured Resource: CloneR™ Defined Supplement for Single-Cell Cloning of Human ES and iPS Cells

Resources and Links

New Steel Modeled After Bones – A new type of steel mimics bone to make the metal more resistant to failure.

The First Fluorescent Frogs – Scientists say South American polka dot tree frog gives off an “intense greenish-blue glow” under UV light.

Brain Differences Seen Between Girls and Boys with ADHD – Girls and boys with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder don’t just behave differently but parts of their brains look different, too like the cerebellum.

Getting Dengue First May Make Zika Infection Much Worse – Experiments in cells and mice suggest that a previous exposure to dengue or West Nile can make a Zika virus infection worse by facilitating entry of the Zika virus into susceptible cells, and exacerbating the disease outcome.

For Kids Daily Juice Most Likely Won’t Pack on Pounds – This article shows that an analysis of existing studies linked daily juice drinking to very small amounts of extra weight in young children.

Man Receives Someone Else’s Reprogrammed Stem Cells – Doctors took skin cells from a donor bank and reprogrammed them into induced pluripotent stem cells, grew them into a type of retinal cell, and then injected them into the retina of the macular degeneration patient’s right eye.

Stem Cell Fabric Innovation Regrows Rotator Cuff Tendons – A team of researchers from University of Connecticut Health has found a way to regenerate rotator cuff tendons after they’re torn, using a nano-textured fabric seeded with stem cells.

New Stem Cell Screening Platform Opens Door to Novel Ways to Treat Neuro Diseases – Scientists at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine have successfully grown stem cells from children with a devastating neurological disease to help explain how different genetic backgrounds can cause similar symptoms.

Stem Cells Help Some Men with Erectile Dysfunction after Prostate Surgery – Scientists report that men who are unable to have an erection after prostate surgery enjoyed normal intercourse thanks to stem cell therapy.

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Dr. Fabio Rossi

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