THE Stem Cell Podcast has been on a short break and we are happy to announce its return.  Yes, that’s right THE Stem Cell Podcast will be back and our first show will air Tuesday April 12th, 2016, so mark your calendar.  If you are subscribed on iTunes, you will receive the next episode through your podcast app of choice. The show will return with the same format, but as mentioned before we went on break, we are excited to bring you two new hosts.  Today we will announce one of the hosts, and next week we will announce the second.

 Dr. Daylon James – The Stem Cell Podcast Host 

Daylon JamesOur stem cell expert host will be fan favorite, and super smart stem cell researcher, Dr. Daylon James. Dr. James received his Ph.D. from the Rockefeller University, specializing in Molecular Embryology and did a post-doc at Weill Cornell Medical College.  Currently Dr. James is an Assistant Professor of Stem Cell Biology and Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine at Weill Cornell where his work uses human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells to generate endothelial and hematopoietic cells for regenerative therapy of cardiovascular and blood disease.
In addition to being a smart and successful stem cell researcher, Dr. James is charming and funny with a unique ability to talk science in a way that all can understand.  Dr. James will make an extraordinary addition to the show.  Welcome aboard Daylon!
Stay tuned for the announcement of our Dr. James co-host next week, and thank you for all of your support and well wishes during our break.
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