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The Stem Cell Podcast Does ISSCR – Part 3

By September 24, 2019February 28th, 2023No Comments


Back in June 2019, we attended the International Society for Stem Cell Research’s (ISSCR) annual conference in Los Angeles, California! Here is the last of three special episodes featuring interviews with some of the top researchers in the stem cell field, as well as with up-and-coming junior trainees who were challenged by Daylon to summarize their research in one minute.

Junior Trainees:

We asked junior trainees to summarize their research in only one minute. Take a listen to the episode, and vote in our Twitter poll for the researcher that did the best job!
You’ll hear from:

Hannah Black; Undergraduate Researcher Assistant, University of Southern California
Ana Rita Leitoguinho; Graduate Student, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Aaron Sandoval; Undergraduate Student, University of Florida
Oriana Genolet; Graduate Student, Max Planck Institute

Senior Researchers:

Dr. Justin Ichida, PhD; Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
Dr. Justin Ichida focuses on developing in vitro models of human neurodegenerative diseases by converting patients’ cells into disease-affected neural cells.

Dr. Irving Weissman, MD; Director, Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Irv Weissman is a pioneer in the field of hematopoietic stem cell biology and cancer research. Currently, he is studying the potential of CD47 as a cancer therapeutic, and identifying cancer stem cells from a variety of blood and solid cancers.


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