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Ep. 22: Novel Enhancers Featuring Dr. Paul Tesar

By July 8, 2014March 31st, 2023No Comments


This episode presents Dr. Paul Tesar from Case Western Reserve University. Dr Tesar talks about his paper in Cell Stem Cell.

Resources and Links

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Freezing Testicle Tissue in Mice Offers Fertility Hope for Cancer Survivors

Alzheimer’s Linked to Brain Hyperactivity

Obesity Linked To Type 2 Diabetes by an Absent Protein

New Diabetes Drug Could Retrain GI Cells To Produce Insulin By Switching Off One Gene

Not All Stem Cells Created Equal

STAP Retracted

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Torsina Hypofunction Causes Abnormal Twisting Movements and Sensorimotor Circuit Neurodegeneration

Destroying Bacterial Cell Walls May End Antibiotic Resistance Forever

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Minimal Toolkit for Stem Cell Self-Renewal

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Geron hESC Trial to Resume?

Stem Cells Form Light-Sensitive 3-D Retinal Tissue

Delivering Capsules of Stem Cells Helps Repair Injured Bones

Study Identifies Link Between Gut Bacteria Post SCT Survival

Stem Cells Slow Retinal Degeneration in Dry AMD Clinical Trial

Sustained ERK Activation Underlies Reprogramming in Regeneration-Competent Salamander Cells and Distinguishes Them from Their Mammalian Counterparts

Human ESC-Derived MSCs Outperform Bone Marrow MSCs in the Treatment of an EAE Model of Multiple Sclerosis

An iCRISPR Platform for Rapid, Multiplexable, and Inducible Genome Editing in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Epigenomic Comparison Reveals Activation of “Seed” Enhancers during Transition from Naive to Primed Pluripotency

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Dr. Paul Tesar

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