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Ep. 224: “Standards for Stem Cell Research” Featuring Drs. Tenneille Ludwig, Peter Andrews, and Madeline Lancaster

By August 23, 2022March 29th, 2023No Comments


Drs. Tenneille Ludwig, Peter Andrews, and Madeline Lancaster are members of the ISSCR Standards Initiative for Pluripotent Stem Cell Research. They discuss the need for basic and preclinical standards to ensure rigor and reproducibility in stem cell research. They also talk about standards for pluripotency and model systems, and the initiative’s international focus.

Featured Products and Resources:

The Stem Cell Science Round Up

Growing Synthetic Embryos – Scientists generated synthetic mouse embryos from naive ESCs.

Live Sequencing to Preserve Cell Viability – Live-seq enables single-cell transcriptome profiling as well as downstream molecular and functional analyses on the same cell at distinct time points.

An Atlas for the Failing Heart – Researchers performed single-nucleus RNA sequencing on heart samples from patients with cardiomyopathies and controls without structural heart disease.

Pluripotency-Associated MAPs Shared Between iPSCs and Cancer Cells – Scientists identified a set of pluripotency-associated MHC I-associated peptides (MAPs) absent from the transcriptome of normal tissues and adult stem cells, but expressed in PSCs and multiple adult cancers.

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Drs. Tenneille Ludwig, Peter Andrews, and Madeline Lancaster

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