Dr. Boyang Zhang is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at McMaster University. His lab uses advanced biofabrication techniques to build human micro-tissue models for predictive drug discovery and to construct functional macro-tissues for tissue regeneration in patients. He talks about building microfluidic devices for biological applications and using machine learning to study organoid morphology. He also talks about his team’s high-throughput system for vascularizing tissue spheroids and his experience starting a company to commercialize this technology.

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The Stem Cell Science Round Up

The Segmentation Clock and Wavefront in Somitogenesis – Researchers used 3D hPSC culture systems to study human somitogenesis in vitro.

Gene Therapy for Cardiac Regeneration – Tissue-regeneration enhancer elements isolated from zebrafish deliver YAP to boost heart tissue regeneration in mice.

Aging Markers in Children Conceived Through Assisted Reproduction – Children born following blastocyst-stage embryo transfer had shorter leukocyte telomeres than those conceived spontaneously.

Engineering Cell Adhesion Molecules – Scientists engineered cells containing customized adhesion molecules that bound with specific partner cells in predictable ways to form complex multicellular ensembles.

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Dr. Boyang Zhang