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Ep. 251: “Post-Implantation Blastoids” Featuring Drs. Thorold Theunissen and Rowan Karvas

By September 19, 2023No Comments

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Dr. Thorold Theunissen is an Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology at Washington University in St. Louis investigating the molecular basis of pluripotency, the mechanisms of trophoblast development, and the generation of stem cell-based embryo models. Dr. Rowan Karvas is a CRM Fellow in Regenerative Medicine working in the Theunissen lab. They talk about their recent work developing 3D-cultured blastoids and how they could be used to study pregnancy-related diseases and infertility.

Featured Products and Resources:

The Stem Cell Science Round Up

Lab-Grown Human Embryos – Researchers have created structured stem cell-based embryo models and have grown them outside the womb for 14 days post-fertilization.

A Human Model for Autism – Scientists have developed a single-cell brain organoid screen to identify developmental defects in autism.

Semi-Human Kidneys in Pigs – Researchers have successfully grown kidneys containing human cells in pig embryos.

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Thorold Theunissen and Rowan Karvas.

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