We bring on writer and researcher Dr. Aubrey de Grey to discuss his work on anti-aging.  We talk with Dr. de Grey on his latest findings and his ultimate goal of eliminating aging so we call can one day celebrate our 1000th birthday.

Resources and Links

Sex-Specific Mechanisms of Stress Susceptibility – According to this article, stress-related mental illnesses are twice as prevalent in women as in men.

Global Divergence of the Human Follicle Mite Demodex folliculorum: Persistent Associations between Host Ancestry and Mite Lineages – Researchers found that hosts with different regional ancestries harbor distinct lineages of mites and that these associations can persist despite generations spent in a new geographic region.

Pain Produces Memory Gain – This article reveals that physical pain can make memories last longer.

Integrated, Multi-Cohort Analysis Identifies Conserved Transcriptional Signatures across Multiple Respiratory Viruses – Researchers performed two integrated, multi-cohort analyses of publicly available transcriptional data of viral infections.

Human Parasites in the Roman World – This article presents the archeological evidence for parasites in the Roman era in order to demonstrate the species present at that time, and highlight the health consequences for people living under Roman rule.

Key Elements of Healthy Eating Patterns – This article provides guidelines and key recommendations for individuals to enhance eating and physical activity patterns.

9 Science-Backed Steps to Have the Best Sleep of Your Life – Tonight – This article shares nine simple, science-backed strategies you can do today that’ll increase your odds of sleeping better tonight and waking up refreshed tomorrow.

StemCells (STEM) Names New CEO – StemCells Inc. announced that Dr. Ian Massey, its President and Chief Operating Officer, has been appointed by the Board of Directors to succeed Martin McGlynn as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

A Protein Biomarker Confirms the Presence of Stem Cells that Maintain Ovaries – Stem cell activity in the outer lining of the ovary, now identified in mice by A*STAR researchers, will elucidate normal ovarian activity and offer insights into the origins of disease.

Defined Three-Dimensional Microenvironments Boost Induction of Pluripotency – Researchers find that the physical cell confinement imposed by the 3D microenvironment boosts reprogramming through an accelerated mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition and increased epigenetic remodeling.

Engineered Stem Cells May Help in ALS – Stem cells engineered to secrete neurotrophic growth factors may slow progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Slow Stem Cell Division May Cause Small Brains – Duke University researchers have figured out how a developmental disease called microcephaly produces a much smaller brain than normal: some cells are simply too slow as they proceed through the neuron production process.

Genetically Engineering Self-Organization of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells into a Liver Bud-Like Tissue Using Gata6 – Scientists present a novel approach for generating and then co-differentiating human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived progenitors through a genetically engineered pulse of GATA-binding protein 6 (GATA6) expression.

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Dr. Aubrey de Grey