Dr. Shuibing Chen is the Kilts Family Professor of Surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine. Her lab uses hiPSCs and ESCs for disease modeling and drug screening, with a focus on diabetes and infectious diseases such as Zika and SARS-CoV-2. She talks about her recent genome-wide association study in a dish, the role of philanthropic funding in stem cell research, and the role of industry partnerships in translational research.

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The Stem Cell Science Round Up

Rethinking Hippo Signaling – Scientists found that Hippo signaling is not needed for normal organ growth.

Muscle Stem Cell Regeneration – Researchers identified a subset of dysfunctional aged muscle stem cells with elevated levels of CD47.

Inner Ear Organoids – Scientists used organoids to investigate how CHD7 mutations affect inner ear development.

Islet Transplants Without Immunosuppression – Simultaneous hematopoietic cell and islet transplantation corrects diabetes in mice.

Photo Reference: Courtesy of Dr. Shuibing Chen